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Eventually we can just let it go out by itself and shoot our deer, elk, mooses etc
Maybe one day, and then they can sell it in the shop for us to buy so we don't have to get sweaty and cold and wet hunting

All the technology in the scope already exists if you have a range finder and a weather station thingy (like a kestral), you can then either work it out yourself or use a ballistics computer thingy-ma-bob.

It just combines them all into a scope and runs it off the worlds most infuriating and unreliable device ever (a computer), which if it (when it breaks) will leave your rifle useless.

I can't imagine law enforcement would ever have use for it, as their shooting is done at ranges this technology isn't needed.

And military and special force want something that's reliable in all conditions and, if ever computer I've ever used is something to go by, the seem to crash for no reason in my warm dry house.
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