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My experience with the Frankford is that sometimes it would be good for 0.1 grain and sometimes it would miss a division - for example, weighing 43.0gn of my favourite target charge was sometimes a pain; I would get 42.9 or 43.1 but never the exact figure. I was recalibrating it constantly and thanking God I was somewhere my wife couldn't hear the long strings of four-letter words I was using.

In the end, I've decided to keep it but never accept what it had to say if I was anywhere near 0.5gn of maximum; those get weighed on a beam balance (RCBS). As it was, my rifles preferred loads closer to minimum when it came to group size and the problem never came up again. New rifles are coming soon, and we shall have to see how they perform with the old familiar loads.

If you're shooting for match or benchrest, you should probably bite the bullet (so to speak) and buy something more expensive. If you're not, 0.1 vs. 0.2 grains resolution may not make the difference if you aren't anywhere near maximum. All depends on your firearm and powder. If you're shooting anything where 0.1 grain can make a difference to pressures fast, you owe it to life, limb and eyesight to use something that guarantees 0.1 grain resolution or better.
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