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My wife, and teenage daughter both chose to attend "women only" handgun classes. A 12 hour basic class, and a 16 hour advanced class.

Both were well pleased with the training, And both demostrated vastly improved marksmanship skills, and defensive "attitude" upon completion.

I must admit that, in the beginning, I was somewhat opposed. Nevertheless, I left the final decision to them. I am now convinced that they made the proper decision.

The female instructors and fellow students worked together well. There were no "hormone soaked" males in the class to make the ladies unconfortable. The ladies were not in any fear of ridicule for asking simple questions.

Some, like my wife, were highly experienced long time shooters. Others, like my daughter were "semi skilled amateurs" and still others were not quite sure which end of the gun the bullet came out of.

Both of my ladies would recommend the course to any other female.

The two instructors were both law enforcement officers. Perhaps that was an advantage and helpful in teaching, but I doubt that would be necessary to be a successful instructor.

I now have far greater confidence in their ability to use a firearm to protect themserlves, as well as their klnowledge of the applicable legalities involved
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