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Didn't Hurricane Sandy hit New England?
Yup, we lost power in my area for maybe 6 hours and had an old tree in our yard fall. Nothing that would warrant me to evacuate, and even if I did with the wind and rain I would be no better off on the road. Actually during Hurricane Sandy a good deal of people were injured by fallen trees while on the road, some driving into them because visibility was so low, and others literally had trees fall onto their cars while driving. All my life I have lived here I have never seen a storm bad enough to warrant evacuation, and any bad storms you would be crazy to leave your house in the first place.

And, I have no intention of leaving the house if something bad happens. Everything my family would need is HERE. Why would I take a small fraction of things and then go to WHERE? We're not in a flood, hurricane or earhquake zone. Houses are far enough apart that a neighborhood fire wouldn't spread to other homes.

If it's simply a matter of fearing "looters" or civil unrest of some sort, my neighbors are also police officers, current and retired. I'm now on retirement disability after nearly 30 years of service. I have my own plans worked out and I like the idea of staying put.

Others may disagree, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

If it's bad enough to leave your house, won't others be leaving also? Wouldn't you think it may be MORE dangerous outside in a vehicle, that offers very little protection. And NO protection agains firearms.
I'm glad someone else sees my rationale. It makes absolutely no sense to me to leave your home with a pack of gear for 5 days, as if spending it on the road or in the woods is somehow a safehaven.

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