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Cool. Looks like a PPC revolver. I've not seen one with a Volquartsen barrel before, and I'd be interested in knowing if Volquartsen actually built & tuned the gun, or if someone else added it as part of their build.

PPC isn't nearly as popular as it once was, so there's generally not much demand for PPC revolvers, and, as such, they don't typically command premiums on the market. The good news for buyers is that they're often a bargain for what they are - accurate custom target revolvers. If yours is a bona fide Volquartsen-built gun, and they didn't build many, and you have the documentation, it might bring a bit of a premium.

BTW, I'd look into the spec on that barrel. Heavy PPC barrels often have fast twist rates designed to stabilize long-ish target wadcutters, so despite it being built on a .357mag frame, it might perform best with target ammo (i.e. not .357mag power).
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