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Hey, great analogy there Come and take it.

Let's run with it.

How many people smoke, and how many people die from cancer?

How many people play violent video games, and how many of them go on shooting rampages?

The number of people who smoke might be close to the number who play violent video games. I just am not seeing the same correlation between cancer and mass murders though. Do you ?

This is addressed to many of you. If you never really got into games over the years you may not really have a grasp for just how many people play them. I'll see if I can dig up some meaningful stats for you, but the fact that the commercials for them have started being aired during the Superbowl should tell you that the number is not getting smaller.

EDITED to add content:
This is something I found to help out. I can't say how accurate it is but I think it's reasonably close. Now this is video games in general and doesn't include the violent variety, but if you really need more info I am sure you can find it.,2933,423402,00.html
The survey, released Tuesday, combined the telephone responses from a nationally representative sample of 1,102 young people, ages 12 to 17, and their parents.

Performed from November 2007 through February of this year, and partly funded by the MacArthur Foundation, it had a margin of error of three percentage points.

Among other things, the survey found that:

— Ninety-seven percent of young respondents play video games. That's 99 percent of boys and 94 percent of girls, with little difference in the percentages among various racial and ethnic groups and incomes.
About a third of parents who were surveyed said they play video games with their children some or all of the time. Most of those parents are younger than 40, part of a generation that grew up playing video games themselves.
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