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There are so many things wrong with that argument.

Let's start with the obvious one: All of the evidence above posted contrary to your "Feel good" stance.

But now consider this.

"If you are afraid to let your 3 year old shoot your assault rifle, you know deep down it's a bad thing for young kids." This ignores the 12 and 14 and even 8 year old kids who can handle it.

No, a 3 year old should (probably) not watch the Walking Dead. I imagine it would terrify most 3 year old kids or maybe you just don't want such a young kid seeing that.

My brothers didn't get to play Gears of War until they were 10 and my youngest brother (12) still isn't allowed to play the Fallout series.

It really is tempting to shift the blame to video games and SSRIs and say "Oh, but the world never was this bad before." That doesn't make it true. That just makes it convenient. The same convenience that allows people to go after guns.
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