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MWM, first of all, I find it a little disconcerting that the application packet can be found on the website for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.
Spat's could you explain why that is disconcerting?
I encourage those taking my class to download the application so that they can fill out all the residency requirements and such rather than picking up an app. At the S.O. and taking it home to complete. Of course if your background is generic it can be filled out on the spot.
Application (turning in and submitting required funds) must be done in person and signing it acknowledges that any false information is a crime.

Pax, I enjoyed reading the D/K study and a good modle for this would be some of the participants from the Top Shot series. I remember some of those that were tripping over their lower lip as they were eliminated.
And, their are those that are naturally darn good competitors and preform well in most everything they do.
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