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The 7mm mag is lot of gun for whitetail. The real drawback to it is the recoil bothers a lot of people, and that, added to the cost of the ammo usually means people don't practice as much as they need to.

Since the recoil doesn't bother you, you're fine. Much more important is your habit of clicking the trigger. Doing that means it will be very difficult to place a precise shot at range.

For that, I recommend as much practice (with any gun) as you can manage. Dry Firing is good cheap practice. Your rifle should not be harmed by it, but check the manua to be sure.

Take the unloaded gun, and tape a laser pointer to it (it doesn't have to be perfectly lined up with the bore), and aim at a wall. Watch the dot (not the sights) as you squeeze the trigger. If it bounces around when you dry fire, you need more practice. You can also do this without the laser, using the sights, just aim at a specific point, and see if the sights move when you pull the trigger. Check to make sure the gun is unloaded first. Then check again. And then check again. Any time the gun leaves your hands, or sight, check it when you pick it up. Its a good habit to have.

When you can dry fire without the dot moving (or barely moving) you are ready for range practice. Any good book on basic marksmanship will give you the basics, and is much handier to refer to with the rifle in your hands than advice on the computer monitor.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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