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When this came up on THR - I posted

Envoking my professional chi - I'm sorry to say that the video game link is very, very, suspect. The recent analyses of the videos are bad literature don't prove the causality. Powerful reviews have been done - you may not be able to access them without hooking into a scholarly data base but Ferguson, CJ is a great source.

1. The effects don't replicate in many cases
2. The effects in other significant cases are so small and transient that their effect on real world behavior cannot be proven.
3. The dependent measures say nothing about real behavior
4. There was and is a moral panic, based on political views, to believe that games are bad and thus negative findings are ignored or not accepted by the journals.
5. Mental health organization are also advocacy hounds and like problems, thus they trumpet only the findings that say games are bad.
6. Antigammers have made a nice professional rep and living saying there is a problem. Saying there is no problem gets you nothing.
7. The false positive problem has not been overcome.

You cannot rely on intuition or pop sources. This is a well known technical debate.

I know gun folks want to shift the blame to games. However, friends the same methodology that says the game prime violence say the guns prime violence. Can't have it both ways.

I do this for a professional living and I tell you trying to shift blames to games gets you nowhere fast.
So, an article on this issue by laypeople who engage in intuitive views based on their politics aren't really won't prove much. Sorry to say.

As I said above - the game is to blame games and not guns. That is a no-win. I can find similar data to support that exposure to guns prime aggression and make you nuts. The methodologies are the same. However, both are suspect.

There is a moral panic in the gun world that our guns are NICE. It's not an assault rifle but a modern sporting gun, blah, blah. It's those video games that are bad, NOT our nice modern sporting guns.

Horsepoop - the basic premise that representations of violent stimuli - be it guns, video games or religion (that's out there) is a major causal factor with the rampage shooters or violence in society seems not to be correct.

Shifting blame is a no win strategy as is the MY ASSAULT RIFLE is sporting toy. Please let me play.
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