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what i mean is this... if the barrel between the trunnion and the gas block is .730", and after the gas block is machined down to .592, it would increase rigidity and heat dissipation

but if i purchased a different gas block, lets say one off a saiga .308, the barrel contour would be .730" between the trunnion and the gas block, and .712 between the gas block and the front sight

so what im asking is with .730" thickness between the trunnion and gas block, how much more of an improvement in accuracy and heat dissipation if any would there be between a .592" and .712" barrel diameter between the gas block and front sight?

ive seen heavy barrel AKs using RPK barrels capable of 1-1.5MOA, but since an RPK barrel wouldnt work right on an AK-74 due to the 22mm trunnion and other issues, and pre-made .223 barrels for the AK arent the greatest, i have to have a blank custom contoured anyway, even if i remained with the standard contour... so the cost to go heavy barrel is purely in what it will cost me for the larger front end parts
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