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Originally Posted by Silver00LT
Sorry you guys are having BL with the Hornady GS 1500. Guess I got lucky.
I think that's really to the point. I've been reading threads on scales for several years now, and it seems pretty much to be the case that they are hit or miss. You can get a good one or a bad one. That can also happen with more expensive scales (the PACT one I got drifted badly) but it's less likely.

There are a couple of things to watch out for. One is that a number of scales actually convert grams to grains internally. Since 0.1 grains=0.06478… grams, the conversions aren't exact and such scales often skip over digits in the 0.1 grain place.

Another is a lot of battery operated scales have automatic shutoff features that seem to blank the readings while you try to trickle. Check on that. The smaller scale Brian Enos sells can be programmed not to do that.

Another is whether or not it will freeze a reading when it settles and, even better, tell you that it has settled. Numbers that keep shifting as you watch are a nuisance.

All that said, the technology is, as all electronics tend to do, getting cheaper and better for the money. If you explore, you can now find several scales in the $20-$50 range with 0.001 gram (0.0154… grain) resolution, like this one, and a very good review of it is available by a member named Ginkgo (third down, here), that anyone considering an electronic scale for any purpose should read.
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