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Originally Posted by Doyle
The other issue is headspace. A single-shot is different from a bolt action in the way it headspaces. In a bolt action, the base of the cartridge is held tight to the bolt with the claw extractor. The headspace is the distance between the cartridge shoulder and the end of the chamber. Very simple.

In a single-shot, you've got that same shoulder-to-chamber space but you've also got another variable. That being the distance between the primer/cartridge face and the receiver face. That extra distance can vary SIGNIFICANTLY from gun to gun.
This is a difference created by improperly sized cases. Sure, there's not much you can do with factory ammo but if a reloader has this issue, it's one of improper practices not one based on the differences between actions.

"Headspace" is defined exactly the same way for both actions, breach to shoulder datum. Properly sized cases will be within 0.002 at most of the chamber dimension for either action.

In regards to accuracy, I have a 15" Encore Pro Hunter chambered in 7mm-08 with a Burris 2-7x scope. It shoots an inch or under pretty easily at 100 and it's clear to me that a major portion of that group size is my own incompetence. Shooting a handgun for groups is no easy task, even with bags.
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