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thank you. that sounds like very good advice. i have been shooting a lot of 22 rounds and was very happy with the results shooting both my 7 mag and mauser yesterday. i know people insist that the mag has too much recoil but i honestly don't see it. my 30-06 kicked harder in my opinion. it doesn't bother me at all. my girlfriend shot it and did very well also. we have been hunting for a few years with old single shot 12 gauges and i use a 12 gauge pump and 3 and a half inch shells for goose hunting, so recoil isn't something i'm afraid of. the type of hunting we have here in northern maine makes it very hard to get very close to a deer. our deer population vs. the amount of woods we have is the reason. the best place to see find them is inopen fields and that often means taking a shot of 2 to 300 yards or more. i had no business attempting the shot i did last year and got very lucky in my opinion. i am going to work with what i have for rifles and keep at it until i'm consistent and comfortable with some long range shots.
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