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Mississippi, What kind of accuracy are you getting with those Montana Gold bullets? I realize that's a function of both the gun and the shooter as well, but the question is: are they good enough for competition/hunting or just for SD drills from the 3,5, and 7 yd lines?

I've had good luck in the past with Winchester bulk 115 gr JHP's from Midway....currently a little over $13 per hundred plus shipping and tax. (The last box I bought, 3660 of them in a single heavy box) went just over a nickle a piece! From two of my 9mm's (an accurized Colt 1911 Series 70 in 9mm and a newly acquired Sig 226 Mk25), a fairly warm load of Win 231 or HP38 gives me right at inch and a quarter gps at 25 yds from a two handed rest position.

Expansion with that Winchester bullet wasn't least in the water medium I tried, but far better, obviously than a FMJ...and they were really accurate. Velocity had to exceed 1100 to keep the mushroom growing. No mean trick with any suitable powder, but I like moderate loads in all my guns, save for the real McCoy SD rounds.

Seems like Montana has great prices, but how's the real world accuracy off a rest?

Best Regards, Rod PS: I've enjoyed your posts here and elsewhere..very knowledgeable and well written. R
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