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It doesn't do anything current snipers don't already do.
You still need to read the wind yourself and that is the singles largest factor that would cause a shooter to miss a long range shot.

My having all that technology into the scope all it does is allow your rifle to be rendered useless if the computer in the scope fails.
By carrying a separate range finder and ballistics calculator a shooter will have the same capability, with a lighter rifle and a more reliable package.

Also read the part about don't get it wet and it not being overly tough, hardly makes a very useful military/police rifle does it.
What the military/police need from a rifle is a tough reliable system that will work in any conditions they find themselves in, and this system doesn't do that at all.

you could get a normal rifle, work out all the scope adjustments and with a decent rest have a complete novice shooter do exactly the same thing.
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