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The 6.5 Creedmoor is a great caliber,it allows you to shoot the longer match style bullets or Berger VLD's,and still stay below maximum magazine length when seating the bullets out near the rifling lands in the barrel.
Shooting the same bullets in my 260 Remington,the OAL of the cartridge will be too long to fit in the magazine if seated to the same distance off the lands.
The Creedmoor gives up little in performance numbers to the 260 Rem or 6.5x47 calibers. All three calibers perform very close ballistically.

This caliber can be very accurate with any type of bullet once the right combination is found,and each rifle will be different.
With the test loads that I've tried so far,the best is a 140gr Berger VLD.The best 100 yard group so far is a .122".
I've been very pleased with this caliber so far.

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