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.....and a larger grip change is often recommended because the magnum mini tends to jump out of the hand using the small birds-eye grips.
I can't agree with that statement....I have a NAA Pug (.22 mag) as well as the aforementioned Sidewinder (.22Mag & .22LR). With the factory grips I experience no hand jumping behavior. I've seen people (new shooters especially) have more issues hanging on to a full sized handgun.

Deaf Smith....the Sidewinder is fun. It is not as forgiving on the brand of .22Mag ammo as is the Pug. It prefers a lighter weight bullet and not so much the more seemingly popular heavier grain loads. I guess in the long run, it makes little difference as it will be pushed into use just before I make a grab for my knife. If I get down to the .22Mag and my knife, things have gone way wrong.
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