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Assigning blame to just video games is myopic and not what my point was for the most part.

Blame is hard to assign especially when you are trying to place it on something so over the top, so revolting, as a mass murder.

But to share the experience, thought process and warning of possible psychological impact that pretending death (excessively) could desensitize an all ready unstable person is not out of the question. The military changed the type of targets for a reason...correct or not is a decent question. They seem to have studied it.

My observations of kids/teens playing these games runs the gamut. Some of the reactions I have seen from a psychotic neighborhood kid (my diagnosis) was down right unnerving. Him practicing killing "hoes" after fornicating with them on video games is not something I think helps his chances of becoming well adjusted.

I think it is just a part of a bigger puzzle...Some of the pieces are:

Glamorizing of the mass murders
Parental involvement
Moral decay

I have been looking into it as a mental exercise and it is hard to understand but easy at the same time when you look around. Anyone that thinks it is just a violent game issue is being short sighted. These evil doings such as mass murder have been happening before the invent of the things that get blamed for causing it. The seemed apparent frequency and cause of said frequency is what has my interest now. I am 35 with the girls under 7 that are a good reason for my curiosities and research.
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