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I guess to clarify are we talking about the Magnum Research Micro Desert Eagle or the IWI/Magnum Research Baby Eagle II/Jericho 941?

If the OP meant the Micro Desert Eagle (Which in the past was dubbed the Baby Eagle) then I would say get the XD. If you are talking about the Baby Eagle II/Jericho 941 then I recommend that instead.

That is the only thing I don't like about the Baby Eagle. To many freaking names for it. My Baby Eagle II has "Desert Eagle Pistol" etched into the frame. ???
I actually drove 60 miles to Cabelas to purchase a "Baby Eagle" only to find out that it was actually the Micro Desert Eagle which was an older model that had "Baby Desert Eagle" etched on the slide of it.


Ok I just re-read the OP's first post and he is talking about the Baby Eagle II.

pgdion is talking about the Micro Desert Eagle as he mentioned the frame being made in Germany. Basically that pistol is a Walther PP9 clone.
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