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Video games and shootings...

A blogger that is published all the time in the Huffington Post had placed an article with them. It was declined and then he was not a blog staffer after asking why. It is a tad long but take the time to read it as I found it insightful. I am going to pass it around for those I know who have kids who play the games quite a bit. And also onto those that know kids like this. Having this read by more people will to much better than any UBC would do.

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Excerpt from the article -- it's worth reading:

What follows is an op-ed article on a piece of the school shooter puzzle. I don’t pretend that this covers everything, but here is a key component from my point of view. And as a current high school teacher and a former troubled teen, I have a strong opinion on the topic.
This is what the Huffington Post doesn’t want its readers to see.
My junior year in high school, I was caught with a loaded, stolen handgun on school property at my school in East Tennessee.
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