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You know, we're all in the same fraternity. We should be sticking together.
IM[rarely humble]O is a very dangerous attitude. It's the same mentality that mutated the national unions into their current form, and is in the process of destroying both political parties. When you blindly support other people actions because they are "members of the same club" you wind up loosing touch with the rest of the world, and weakening your overall position.

Personally, I think open carry is a right and should be legal - I do it myself when hunting/hiking. However, I also am willing to admit that a large segment of people who open carry do it to make a statement, and to get a rise out of people. Doing that is tasteless, and won't do us any good in the long run.
If it's this hotly debated among gun enthusiasts and 2A supporters, how exactly do you think it's perceived by the public at large?
si vis pacem para bellum
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