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I have had one of those for about a year now. It is one of my favorite totin' around guns. Easy to pack and shoots quite well. Paper plates at 100 yards are very doable.

A few notes on some things that it may need...

First is a trigger job. If you are used to and don't mind the heavy pull that is typical on many firearms, you may not find it needed, but IMO, anything more than about four pounds and very clean and crisp release is unacceptable.

If you intend to shoot cast bullets, 2 to 1 says you will want to firelap it. I shoot cast bullets exclusively, and have found that firelapping is worth the time spent doing it. Cleaning is easier and accuracy is better.

You may have trouble finding a holster that fits it well without having excess holster intended for a longer barreled gun. Mine is a custom made affair thanks to a family member that does wonderful leather work. A good stiff belt, a comfortable holster and a belt slide for at least enough spare ammo for one reload makes a great package!

As for recoil, I shoot a lot of big bore single actions, so what I say may not agree with your experience, but I do not find the recoil bad at all with my general purpose load consisting of a 250 Keith bullet at about 1,200fps. This load will take care of about anything I want to tackled with a .44. It's not abusive, is accurate and plenty powerful for most applications. If I need more power, I step up to a larger caliber and heavier bullet.

Enjoy the new "toter", I hope you are as happy with yours as I am with mine!

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