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A brief rundown of a few of my guns.

My first gun was a Colt Woodsman, purchased in 1968. Went to the gun shop to buy a different (inferior) pistol and the shop owner talked me into the Colt. Best $75 I ever spent.

Went through a Sig stage. My favorite of the bunch is probably my P232SL, a beautiful gun. The one that garnered the most attention by far was a P232 Rainbow Titanium finish.

Longest carried is my Seecamp, bought sight unseen, based on it's reputation. A jewel.

I'm a HK fanboy, have a bunch of them, perhaps the best buys I've ever come by. Found a P7 with 4 mags for a steal, then a year old USPf for an even better steal. I love Gander Mtn.

I love Walthers. One of my grail guns was the TPH in .25acp. Found one and it's little .22lr brother after years of searching. That's one hard to find gun.

Berettas turn me on. My best may be the 92fs Vertec Inox, but my favorite is my old 84. A truly great carry gun. My most recent buy is a .22lr 70s, another gun I've looked years for.

Do you Daewoo? I do. Have a couple but my favorite by far is the little DP52, a Walther PP clone... but better, in .22lr.

Eight, count them, a eight Kahr garage. My first was a 1996 K9. My favorite and newest, a TP9. If you like one, you'll like them all.

There are others but nothing remarkable, Colt, Springfield, American Arms, Browning, Llama, Bersa, Sphinx, CZ, Firestorm, Makarov, S&W and a Glock or two. Forty Five years of collecting.

Here's the first and the latest.

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