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My Colt Mark IV. Bought in the 80s as a replacement for an AMT Govt. model for $459 NIB. Perfectly reliable, but underwhelming accuracy. Well, it isn't Gold Cup. I decided to customize it myself for a IPSC club that was starting up around here and added a Centaur Systems Quadracomp bull barrel and compensator, along with their "adjustable" extended slide stop. Also added a Wilson trigger and ejector and a Pachmayr adjustable sight. With my chosen loads, a practice 185 gr LSWC and a 200 gr LSWC that "made major," it was simply the most accurate center-fire auto I've ever shot. About the time I had it ready, I was chosen for the FoMoCo apprenticeship program for Industrial Electricity, which meant long hours, not to mention college, so my IPSC dream was, for the foreseeable future, over. I used it for my first CPL class, as we were told there was not a requirement for guns and ammunition, so I opted for this and my own reloads. During range time, when my wife called me for a slight emergency, he also told me there was no requirement on time, just fire 60 rounds. I fired all 60 rounds into a 2 inch circle in just a couple minutes. He laughed, shook his head, signed my papers and I was out of there.

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