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OK, let's make this easy. You are the CEO of Remington. You like your job and the neat stuff your salary and perks provide for your family and yourself.

Way up the food chain at Ceberus Capital Management the company has decided to sell off Freedom Group because a huge investor has threatened to take his money elsewhere after a rifle manufactured by Bushmaster was used to kill 26 kids and teachers in CT.

Cerberus said it will seek to sell Freedom Group Inc. just hours after California Treasurer Bill Lockyer said he’ll propose that the state’s public pension funds, the two largest in the U.S., divest investments in firearm manufacturers that make guns prohibited under state law. The firm’s announcement followed a day in which the White House reiterated President Barack Obama’s support for a new ban on assault weapons and lawmakers called for stricter gun-control laws.

Cerberus made this statement:

“This decision allows us to meet our obligations to the investors whose interests we are entrusted to protect without being drawn into the national debate” on gun control, Cerberus said in a statement issued just after midnight in New York.

Now, you, the CEO of Remington are going to jump on your sword and threaten to move the company out of CT: Yeah, right. Good luck finding another cushy job.
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