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I mostly pocket carry (retired, live in toasty Texas, lotsa cargo shorts) so I have several small handguns using larger calibers ... My EDC is usually a Kahr PM9, one of the easiest-to-shoot guns I've ever owned ... have had a Kimber UCII for a while; again, compact size, 3-inch barrel, perhaps my most accurate handgun ... just got a Springfield XDs, don't have enough rounds through it yet to put into carry use, but so far it's a gem ... none of the trio has experienced even one failure of any kind (the Kahr has been in use since I got my plastic 10 years ago) ... all three are extremely accurate, not hard to shoot and are easy to conceal, tho I belt carry the Kimber ... modern handguns from quality makers IMHO are light years ahead of where they were even 10-15 years ago ...

BTW, totally disagree on accuracy issues with small 9s .. the Kahr certainly isn't as accurate as my XDm-9, but I'm consistently shooting 3-4 inch groups at 7 yards, plenty good enough for SD ...

I also own an NAA Pug. The quality of this gun is amazing, as is the accuracy at 7 yards or so ... I'm home and it's in my pocket now, loaded with Hornady's new Critical Defense rounds ... don't even know it's there, but I can have it in my hand and ready to go in just a second or two ... I love it ...

Agree with the above on j-frames; I have a Smith 637 and it's just about as light as I'd want to go for SD ... I'm going to order one of Ruger's new LCRs in .22mag; looked at the 351c but it was just too expensive for my budget ...
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