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"Why compare a 7mmMag to a 7X57?" because that's what i own. and who said anything about flinching? i simply have a bad habit of "clicking" my trigger as if it's a pen. and what lead anyone to believe any law was violated? i was driving up a field road and saw a deer on the wood line. it was a dirt road far from any main road or dwelling. as long as a road isn't paved in maine you can shoot from it. also, i don't get the big deal about kick from a 7mm magnum. my 30-06 kicked worse in my opinion. look at a simple recoil chart. hardly a difference. i just got back from shooting today and my girlfriend and i both did quite well with both rifles. my 7mm has almost no kick compared to my goose gun. i'm not afraid of my gun, just not experienced with high caliber rifles and the importance of a good trigger squeeze. it also took me awhile to define my problem. i thought that maybe my rifle was off. i'm also used to a shotgun and not a rifle. i clearly need to practice. that's what i'm doing. so to be clear, i own both a savage 110 7mm mag and an interarms 7mm mauser. i'm asking advice as to which one i should be focusing on with my practice and which is the better deer rifle. i will be using one during the season and on the occasions that my nephew accompanies me he will be using the other. i have a friend who shoots deer every year with the 7mm mag, no ruined meat. if someone has no knowledge of one i would rather they didn't comment on it. i'm looking for some good advice here, nothing more
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