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I can't help but think that in every firearms related business in the country today there is somone(s) trying very hard to come up with an accuracte cost/benefit analysis of what is going on.

Move? on principle? for projected economic reasons? Good question. IF they both line up the same, the answer is easy. But if they don't? What then?

Cynically, I'd also keep my mouth shut going into a closed meeting, and take their money. And their contract, provided there was nothing like a gag order in the contract. I see no harm in that, myself. If they think its a carrot for me to follow their path in all things, that better be written into the contract I sign, otherwise....

You know, if its not written down, .....

Remington isn't getting much money from me for their guns these days, anyway. The one's I buy are long out of production. I am, however a steady consumer of their brass and ammo products, when I can find them now days....

Remington may be in league with the devil, and I can see the pitchforks waving and torches flickering, but shouldn't we learn a bit more, before we start shouting "burn the witch!"? Hmm?
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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