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How many situations arose in these incidents...

- the LA Riots
- Katrina
- Sandy
- the big power outage in Spokane years ago
- east coast brown out
- California power outage & fires
- Bay Area earthquakes
- tornados in the Midwest
- blizzards on the East coast
- small town floods every year
- the London riots which a firearm bigger than a handgun was really necessary. I'll bet that those store owners in LA could have used handguns for those warning shots, and had the same results.

People like being alive.

Carry your defensive weapon on body, with a spare. Use that go bag for water, food, protection from the elements, etc. History shows us that long guns only become assets in events like the siege of Bosnia. Short of that, a handgun is enough to say, "Hi. I'm not a soft target. Move along."
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