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I don't think a person should have to possess a gun in their home but they should pay a tax if they choose not to.
I can see from your latter statement that you see the real problem with this but you just haven't convinced yourself this isn't still something worth discussing.

For me, this is lowly, disgraceful, this is a page from the lib's book. This is the same thinking they use and like. It's all about manipulating the system to their own benefit at others' expense to achieve their social utopia.

It's just like the cigarette taxes. They raised the taxes and raised them until people couldn't afford to smoke. "The money will be used for the victims of smoking", that didn't happen, that money went everywhere but to help smokers. The ends justify the means.

Now it's guns they are talking about taxing. This idea is simply fighting fire with fire, but this kind of fire burns bad and it never does anything good. no matter how you justify it it's wrong.

Taxation is not a social engineering tool
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