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It's one thing to stay in a state that has draconian gun laws. It's something else to stay in that state, after receiving a nice gov't contract, AND not saying anything negative about the laws.

I understand the difficulty in relocating. If Remington came out and said, "Hey, we're staying because, financially, it might be too great a burden for us to move. But, we will continue the fight against gun control, and to prove it, here's a $X,000,000 check for the NRA-ILA, SAF, or other pro gun lobby."

If they did that, I'd be fine with them staying, since it's about staying in business. But they walked into a closed meeting, and came out a bit richer, without a single word against gun control. Remington won't be getting another dime from me, unless they change their tune. Shame, I was looking at picking up my first bolt action rifle, and I was looking at a 700. Think I might look at a Ruger M77 instead.
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