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I've been using simple green for years, but only on full detail strip and cleans. Since it removes ALL lubrication residue... you want to be sure to thoroughly rinse, dry, and apply a light coating of oil back to the metal.

It was recommended through the AGI(American Gunsmithing Institute) training courses. It works very well and has caused no problems on any of my guns be it polymer, aluminum, stainless, etc. It's also non toxic and non abrasive to the hands, and doesn't smell terrible so you can use it inside.

I use RemOil after that for a light coating again. For actual lubrication points, I usually use MPro-7 or BreakFree CLP for oil - for sliding grease areas, such as on an AR BCG or 1911 rails, I'm a big fan of red axle grease(a little goes a long way).
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