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Otis cleaning kit for removing copper?

I have a new Tikka t3 Deluxe in 270 Win. I gave it a good cleaning before I fired it and cleaned it again after 7 rounds of Federal Power Shock 130gr. Both times I used a patch worm and Bore-Tek Eliminator. Since then I put 16 rounds of hand loaded Hornady SST 150gr through it. Well I since purchased an Otis cleaning kit and was wondering if it could be used to remove any copper fouling. I know, the brass brushes can be eaten by ammonia and was wondering if the brass patch holders would be damaged like the brushes when using ammonia based cleaners and patches? I also have a Pro Shot stainless steel rod and a universal Gun-Slick bore guide. Being a new barrel, I figured it might be a good idea to try and remove copper but don't want to use the Otis Kit if it will mess up the brass patch holders/threads and have one come off inside my bore. I plan to order some nylon brushes. Thanks for all advice!
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