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Originally Posted by NWPilgrim
How much is that costing to get set up with the Corbin equipment?
Here is Corbin's website to check out cost & other good info.

How much do you figure it will cost per thousand bullets?
The cost is zero if you scrounge the lead, pick up cases & don't count your time & equipment. But you'll have to make a lot of bullets to pay for the equipment.

I am wondering if the brass jacket makes them perform as FMJ no matter if HP or SP?
Apparently the bullets are quite explosive on impact. I'm not sure, but perhaps they could be swagged case base up for a FMJ. Reports are that the bullets are quite accurate & shoot like out of box Sierras.

For AR guys just interested in plinking bullets, check this out.

I'm not normally a conspiracy theorist, but when some states started this "Green-Bullet" BS, I figured it was more of an anti-gun initiative. I won't be able to shoot much if all my bullets cost like Barnes!

I'm not big on casting, but I have made sure I could cast all my pistol calibers & my .45-70 bullets. The very basic casting gear from Lee is cheap insurance. Now I'm looking into this swagging stuff. If you swage bullets you may want to cast your cores instead of buying lead wire to cut.

For devout handloaders, it looks like another dimension to the shooting hobby that would be great fun!

A gun is useless & not much fun if you can't shoot it. Too bad you can't make primers & powder! LOL



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