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parts being made & fitted right now... receiver will be stamped "not brit" at the back, by the thumb rest, plainly visible, cartridge chambering stamp on the barrel will be 7.62 X 52 R

30-30 metric designation ( all of this is being done, so after I'm gone, provided the gun survives proofing, & I'll be loading only medium 30-30 loads, specifically for this rifle, that someone doesn't load some hot 30-30 for the gun assuming the Martini is a strong action )

hope it survives proofing, which is still a couple weeks out yet

my buddy talked me into proofing it with factory loads, but lightly greasing the brass & chamber, for the 1st couple cartridges, so the breach block gets the full thrust of the case, rather than allowing it to friction bind in the chamber, during expansion, as a way of proofing the action, & then running another 12-15 factory rounds through the gun, inspecting after each round, if there are no visible cracks, etc. the head space, which will be measured prior to firing, will be checked again, if it loosens up at all, it'll be regulated to lighting duties, if it's still good, the sights & other finishing details will be completed...

( buddy is very cautious )
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