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Quote: "My impression of CA is that it isn't an ultra liberal state so much as it is a conservative state occupied by a liberal government dominated by a few large cities. Away from those large cities, the local LEOs are likely to "look the other way" over the ownership of two pounds of powder, especially if you have guns that use the stuff. " B.L.E.

Your observation is quite correct. When I was stationed at Ft. Irwin a couple yrs ago, my team had a range area in the middle of the Mojave desert off post. We called in the grid to the San Bernardino County Sheriffs and asked if it was cool, and they didn't care in the least. Just said to make sure we had some form of backstop. We had a mountain as a backstop, lol! Never harassed us or anything, and occasionally, shenanigans such as shooting small lit propane cylinders occurred. Good times!
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