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Wyoming .223 and .357 Mag now legal to hunt

See chapter 32


1-you can hunt Deer, Pronghorn, Mountain Lion and wolf (where it is considered a game animal) with any .22 caliber cartridge that is at least 2" long and has a bullet that is at least 60 grains. Lead or expanding bullets now allowed.

2-you can hunt any big game species with a .35 caliber cartridge of at least 1.5" in length or generally delivers 500 foot pounds at 100 yards. Lead or expanding bullets now allowed.

1 notes-Expect to see a few standard AR-15's in the field. Wolves can be treated like any other predator outside of the trophy area.
2 notes-The or is really the only new thing, but pretty important.
1&2- And the inclusion of lead bullets.

Seems they are just learning what lots of us have known for a while; shot placement and bullet design trump caliber and energy (generally speaking).

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