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i dont think its a loaded question - I have no problems whatsover listening to a fellow instructor talk about his or her views or strategies for pro-active security / avoiding situations and diffusing situations while armed

If avoiding situations is common sense there wouldnt be a booming personal protection industry. - Im sure gun owners attend those :-)

If you look at it in that narrow term - avoiding a fight I dont know what your take is on my post. Its much broader than that.

staying out of the situation, getting out of a situation, force escallation once you cant get out of a situation, weighing the consequences of actually ramping up the situation to gunplay.

Jo Bang Lee the sensei that taught mike enchanis of the soldier of fortune magazine fame (idiot to the max) had a great philosophy that he engrained in his Hrang-Do students

If you find yourself in a fight , you have forgotten everything about Hrang Do - his philosophy was staying out of an altercation.

I teach Head of State operations - there are six elements to a Head of state detail - Protective Operations Management(POM), Close Proximity Details (CPD), Counter Assault Teams(CAT) Advance Teams (ADV) Drivers (DRV) and Uniformed Services and Suppprt (USS)

Of all of the sub-elements the most important element is the ADV because they are the ones that deal with proactive security and keeping the principle out of trouble - if there is gunplay involved someone screwed up somewhere and it was probably the ADV

so no I dont think it was simply a loaded question and I certainly dont think you can sluff off proactive security as simply common sense - it isnt anymore common sense than anything else that is taught throughout ranges around the world

Thus my question - How much time do instructors spend to incorporate staying out of trouble into their programs?

second question whats it take to pull a gun? two people die in a situation John Wayne and Woody Allen - how far between the two do people go?
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