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I can't say that I haven't used H-4350 in mine, but if so it probably would have been with something in the 100gr range. I have burned up plenty of powder and bullets in the past 20+'ish years I have had it. When I got it I was all about pushing the 100gr Nosler Ballistic Tip to top end numbers. Mine is a stock Rem 700 and the only thing I have changed on it since I got it was the factory stock, for a Fajen laminate. I only did that due to it warping.

As I mentioned in Xbox's post here,
Lookin for an Accurate 25-06 Rem. Load

I found that RL-22 did all I ever wanted with this rifle. It covers both the 110 and 115gr bullets I use, and gives top accuracy and velocity with both. I am using the same load for that matter with both the 110gr Accubond and the 115gr Partition and they both will group equally well out to as far as I can hold her steady. If or when you can find some I highly recommend you giving it a try.

The powder you have will probably work and work well, as I have had good results in other calibers based on the '06 case using it. What you might try is different seating depths. I have found that, with mine anyway, the seating depth can easily make or break a load. If your using Hodgdon's data, you will probably see your best accuracy on the upper end of it. Also they list 3.165" as the OAL used with their 117gr load. I personally have found that 3.250" works better in MY rifle across the board with almost all loads. Well I say that but in fact, I set up my dies based on a dummy round with a 100gr BT seated to that length, and seat everything else with no change. It just works and works well in MY rifle.

I have tried other primers but find the Win-WLR to work well in this caliber and has since the beginning. So why change something that works. I haven't found anything else which produces the repeatable accuracy and velocity I get with them and RL-22, so that has been my staple load. The only other load I have which has equaled the accuracy has been with IMR-4831 and after looking IMR-4350 and the 100gr Sierra. I got the data for the Sierra from Sierra so I would suggest calling them if using their bullets. The IMR 4350 in my experience has always been just a tad faster than the Hodgdon version. So the two aren't quite interchangeable.

Like I mintioned above though, I would work on the seating depth before giving up on a powder. If your already within the velocity margin your looking for, then back down a couple of grains and start with the bullets seated to where they just fit the magazine,"IF THEY WILL STILL CHAMBER WITH NO ISSUES." If they will then start your work up from there, and once your back up to where your hoping to be, if you get there, you can start seating the bullets a bit deeper by like .005" and see how they respond with the groups. You should easily be able to seat them deeper by around .030" before you start to bump up the pressures with the slower powders. IF you see any signs of pressure back off the load 2 grains and work back up.

Hope this helps.
Mike / TX
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