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How much is that costing to get set up with the Corbin equipment? Can you manufacture different bullet styles or just one? Can you make different weight bullets as well? How much do you figure it will cost per thousand bullets?

I have a pretty good stock of bullets but I am going through quite a bit every year now, and it is not always easy to find the bullet I want when I want. Nobody makes a 68 gr SP. I find the 68-69 gr HPBT to shoot accurate with any popular powder, but then to shoot SP I have to buy a different weight such as 60, 63-65 gr SP and they use a totally different powder work up. Would one be able to make both a 68 gr HPBT and a 68 gr SPBT?

Finally does the brass jacket make it only practical for target shooting? Or will they perform for small-medium game in a SP? I am wondering if the brass jacket makes them perform as FMJ no matter if HP or SP?

Thanks guys for your ideas and experience on this.
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