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I have the Frankford DS-750 and it is great for quickly checking bullet and case weights, and getting close on powder charges, or checking fully charged cartridge weights. But it wanders +/- .2 gr compared to my old reliable RCBS 10-10 mechanical scale. My son-in-law is on his second Frankford scale. His first one conked out after several months, mine is used constantly and is still going strong. They are inexpensive and great supplement for quick weights, but not consistent enough for working up test loads and accuracy loads.

I would get a basic mechanical scale from RCBS (5-0-5), Hornady, Dillon, Lyman and a cheap Frankford electronic scale. Or just get a more expensive, proven electronic one. Personally I like the mechanical scale. I only need it to set the powder measure and check it occasionally. It is a royal pain to weigh several items and that is where the electronic ones come in real handy.
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