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I shoot moa or better with my cheep old Remington/Winchester brass every day all day. I also get 15-20 reloads from my cheep brass. It would really surprise me if anyone was getting 40-60 reloads from lapua. The norma brass I have used never stood out as wow brass. I would recommend trying some of both and work up your loads for the best accuracy. Save your money for bullets, powder and primers. Just my .02
I will agree that any old brass will do to shoot 1 MOA if the rifle is up to it.
I have a Savage 10 BA which gives me 1 MOA all day long with Remington, Federal, Winchester, and PMC brass.
I have spent countless hours trying to make match quality ammunition from all of the above brands of brass.
The difference is I have only been able to shoot .25-.50 MOA consistently with my Lapua brass.
I no longer frustrate myself by trying to make regular brass into high quality match grade ammunition.

My time and money are better spent elsewhere.
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