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A Brace of single action revolvers

Right now, I have 2 pietta 1858 remington cap and ball revolvers. Honestly- I have a not shot them yet~....

My Grandfather had a ubetri stainless... same type... It's bound up, but a beauty

Obviously reading is a great thing, and because of it... I have realized that I will enjoy the heck out of my army revolvers with out toooooo much trouble when it comes to care and cleaning.

We all know, regardless... cap and ball is still a lot of work. And I'm happy about that, because there is no other way to experience the times, and it is well worth it.

To fulfil my old west fantasies, I'm in need of a new brace


How much better can it get?? Not one but 2 .45 colt's held by your belt.

I've been reading for years, but it's still just a wash to me. I've thought it might be worth the $1,400 per pistol for a gen 4 colt pistol. But times 2 plus the belt is getting into the price of a 50. cal bolt rilfe and then some~!

I've read all about the Taurus Goucho... and I want to love it. But obviously it's a Taurus... and they no longer make them, which would make it hard to have a matching pair.


I love Ruger... but I will not buy another single action from them...

I have my 3 screw single six, and there is no new Ruger that will meet my traditional needs.

I'd like a brace of .45 lc that will be well worth my time, money, and interest.

Any opinions?

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