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after all proactive security trumps having to get into reactive security any day and IMHO if im carrying chump change and the guy got the drop on me, it might not be worth the hassle to test the reaction versus action theory and I think I might just chaulk up the loss to street tuition.
You are starting off with the wrong mindset if the amount of money in your pocket is what will dictate your response to the situation.

I live in Canada where there is no CCW but it is not the amount of money in my pocket that will dictate my response, but what the threat to my physical person is.
If I believe that handing over all of my money, wether it's $20.00 or $2,000.00, will allow me to walk away from the situation with only the holes in my body that god gave me then that's what I'll do.
If I believe that regardless of what I do I will be harmed then a different course of action is required.
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