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the only reason i got rid of the 30-06 is because it was a rem model 710 and i absolutely hated the action of the bolt. it was sloppy at best and would bind up if you attempted any sort of quick follow up shot and didn't cycle it exactly right. i've only deer hunted the one season and after finally seeing a huge buck from across the field i went into full panic mode. i went for an afternoon ride to check my fields and at 1 in the afternoon i came upon a very large buck sniffing around on the wood line looking like a dog scouting for a place to relieve himself. instead of continuing up the road to get parallel and around 200 yards from him i slammed on the brakes, flew out the passenger door, leaned across the hood and attempted a 400 yard shot. i was a good 30 seconds getting steady enough to even keep him in my crosshairs long enough to shoot. my heart was pounding in my head and clearly visible through my scope. i had no business even being out there given the fact that i had only fired about 10 shots through my gun at about 120 yards and was inconsistent at best. i feel very fortunate that i cleanly missed instead of wounding him, that would have bothered me to no end. i hunt geese, ducks, partridge and rabbits obsessively and decided it was time to take a deer. after that i had a long talk with myself and decided next season i will be out there and have the right to be. so that's where i'm at and i am now preparing for this november's deer hunt. i intend to shoot all summer and be prepared.
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