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the only reason i stated that i don't intend for the "trigger yank" to happen again is because i intend to practice alot more over the summer. i should have also mentioned that in my area deer hunting is mostly field hunting. i actually don't find the 7mm mag to kick all that hard. i have a horrible habbit of clicking a trigger as if it's a bic pen. on any stiff trigger pull it seems to cause me to shoot low and to the right. both my nephew and i have fired the magnum and neither of us were bothered by the recoil. he's actually much larger than i am at 6'5" and a couple hundred pounds. i'm used to my old single shot 12 gauges so the mag rifles don't seem all that bad. i need to learn to squeeze instead of pull i guess. i will make sure they are both zeroed properly and see which one fits my nephew better and go from there. my 7x57 ammo is and always will be handloads btw. my stepfather loads them for me
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