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A different alternative...

Guns with the Remington name have been coming out of New York for almost 200 years. That alone is not something to throw away lightly.

Here's a different approach, carrot, not the stick....

Collect pledges to purchase a new Remington, IF they leave NY, with public statements that the reason is the new laws.

While it may be necessary to boycott eventually, I hate to see an old, respected firm punished for just trying to stay in business. This is something different than the S&W situation. In that case, the ownership voluntarily decided to accept a deal with devil.

These new laws are being forced on Remington along with eveyone else in the state. They should not be punished for not packing up and hauling ass as fast as they can, I don't consider that right. Encouraged, to move, as a political statement, sure, I'm for that.

As to taking a fat govt contract? Well, with one hand of the govt doing their best to kill your business, taking money from another part of the govt just seems like a survival tactic to me. And the bottom line, for any business is survive, and do your best to profit.

As indiviuals, we can stand on priciples and buy or not, as we choose. Businesses who stand on principles other than the bottom line have a much harder time of it, and often fail, unless well supported by their customer base.

I say give them the benefit of the doubt for now, at least...
If things change, re-evaluate...
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