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What the 7X57 will do, the 7 mag will do it 100+ yards farther
What the 7 mag is better at than the 7X57, is influencing the hunter to take shots further away than he can actually be sure of hitting. Getting within range is why they call it "hunting". I have killed many deer with a 6MM Remington, .257 Roberts, .32 Winchester spl., 7X57, etc. They are quite easy to kill with the more conservative chambering. The increased recoil, muzzle blast and sometimes excessive tissue damage of a 7 Mag. is not a desired or necessary attribute for deer hunting. Where the 7MM Magnum comes into its own is with heavy bullets and game several hundred pounds heavier than a deer.
...i missed a massive buck last year with my 30-06 due to a bad yank on the trigger and buck fever. i do not intend to make that mistake this year...
In my less than humble opionion, by buying the Savage 110 in 7MM Rem. Mag., you are well on your way of doing it again.
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