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7x57 mauser vs 7mm mag for hunting deer. which is the better all around choice and wh

i recently purchased a savage model 110 7mm mag. i already have and love an interarms mark x 7x57 mauser. my nephew and i will be hunting deer together this year and i want him practicing on the gun he will be shooting, and i want to practice mostly with the one i will be shooting. i will be hunting without him at times but he will not be hunting without me as he is too young. the gun i choose is the gun i will be the best with. the boy is 16 and a big kid btw, so the mag is in his realm recoil wise. i have never shot a deer and neither has he. i hear a lot about bullets being knocked off track and the mag being weak in that area. i missed a massive buck last year with my 30-06 due to a bad yank on the trigger and buck fever. i do not intend to make that mistake this year. if given a choice between the two, which would you choose and why?
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